Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Sister Visiting

My sister and her boys visited this weekend. This is her youngest, strapped to a chair like a bandit in an old Western movie. He doesn't seem to mind. ;)

We were making a high chair to feed him in, if you must know. Lol. They stayed at Mom's house most of the previous week, which had all sorts of luxurious baby accommodations (such as a high chair, a toy bin, and a saucer play-thing). Aunt Jennifer's house has no such accommodations, however. ;) I have plenty of grown-up distractions (a Nintendo Wii, books to read, movies to watch), but not so much for kids. (I probably should at least invest in a toy bin. My 3-yr-old nephew expected that when he came over for the afternoon!).

Anywhoo... It was fun seeing everyone. Their visits are always way too short!

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