Friday, April 15, 2011

Being Sick All the Time

Today I had a "talking to" at work. They were nice about it, but basically told me that I better not be sick anymore or I risk having my hours cut at work. It's frustrating because I'm not trying to get sick. It's hard when you feel like you're getting in trouble for something you don't have total control over.

I guess I can see their point though, too. Work is kind of a contract. You agree to show up 40 hours a week; they agree to pay you for it. I guess I haven't been doing very well at the showing up part.

I'm looking into finding a doctor. I know it isn't normal to be sick so often, but it feels normal to me. Hopefully I can learn a new normal. I really do want to succeed in life. I hope someday that I won't need this boring job, but in the meanwhile, I am still there and I really should be there wholeheartedly.

It's possible, too, that my attitude could have affected my health in some way. I know I probably do have something wrong with my health because I can't remember the last time I wasn't tired and run down. Still, having a good attitude about work could go a long way in not stressing myself out... which should, in turn, help me not get sick as often if I'm not as stressed.

Which is why... I'm resolving to improve my attitude. I'm hoping this is the lynchpin to improving my health, my reputation at work, and my life. Resolutions to eat better and exercise more only work so far as you keep resolving to work on those... which, is hard to do with a general overall bad attitude about your life situation.

The fact is, my job is boring. But... it's also a fact that I need that job. Maybe someday that'll change, and I can definitely make steps in the meanwhile to find something new. But for now... I need to work honorably at the job I have and I need to do it with a good attitude.

(that was me... giving myself a pep-talk... hopefully it inspiring to you too... or at least mildly entertaining)

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