Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hour Two

In hour two of the Royal Wedding, we see a lot of the dignitaries and important people arriving: Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, and a bunch of other royals who I've never heard of.

The excitement is palpable as the crowd gets louder and louder with every minute. They erupt when the Princes William and Harry are spotted leaving Buckingham Palace and again when the future Princess Catherine arrives in her own car. The love for the Royals is very evident here!

So much excitement as fans anticipate the moments to come.

The Princes William and Harry begin their procession.

Princes William and Harry nearing the Abbey
The people go crazy as Princes William and Harry arrive!They sure have grown up nicely! Princes William and Harry are joking and laughing as they enter the Abbey.

Prince William

Prince Harry
Kate's mother and brother arrive.The "lesser royals" arrive. (How would you like to have that title?)

Prince Charles arrives, greeting the clergy of the Abbey on his way in.

Queen Elizabeth arrives. Doesn't she just look beautiful? Sunny and cheerful, yet still very regal.

Royal trumpeters announce the Queen's arrival. How weird would that be to have trumpeters announcing your arrival? Lol. I wonder if she finds it weird or just normal?

Queen Elizabeth looks so beautiful and charming, as always.

The future Princess is arriving!The crowd goes wild and Kate Middleton and her father proceed to the Abbey.The last to arrive before Kate are her sister, Pippa, and the little bridesmaids and page boys. So cute! Notice how the littlest ones are covering their ears. The crowd is deafening at this point as the future Princess is nearly there!

And finally... Kate arrives at Westminster Abbey. Such a beautiful Princess she will be!

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