Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What should I do if the oven is on fire?

(not my house... don't worry)

So... Monday night I set my oven on fire. Totally an accident, I swear! I was baking some veggie burgers and the oven was on pretty hot. I opened the door to check on them and the entire bottom of the oven was in flames!!!

My poor roommate was sick and sleeping on the couch. I called into the living room in a VERY LOUD voice (not normal for me), "Hey J, what should I do if the oven is on fire?"

Needless to say, she bolted straight upright out of a sound sleep, "Are you serious?"

"Uh, yeah. Look." I opened the door again.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh..."

I suggested she run next door and see if they have a fire extinguisher. She did. They didn't. She ran to the next house to ask them.

While she was gone, I wondered to myself, feeling strangely calm, "Should call the fire department? Would our house burn down by the time they get here? Do they even put out oven fires? Should I still be in the house? Is the oven going to explode? Maybe I should take the cat outside. Why don't we have a fire extinguisher?"

All of this took less than a second to process, at which point I realized I should probably just Google what to do to put out a grease fire.

Google, google, google. (That's me, Googling).

Turns out you're supposed to smother it with salt or baking soda. No problem. I rushed back to the kitchen, wondering in the back of my mind if running closer to the fire was really a good idea, but realizing that I was the only thing standing between this fire and my house, so... on we go.

I grabbed the baking soda, opened the oven once more, and... the fire was already out.

Anti-climactic, I know. I smothered the bottom of the oven really good anyway, just in case.

About an hour later, our neighbor (who's also our rental manager) stopped by, all concerned. I'd texted her earlier about getting us a fire extinguisher. She was surprised that we didn't already have one and brought us one right away. Also, she was glad we didn't die, and she made sure all our smoke detectors worked. (They did).

The End. We survived, and now I know how to put out a grease fire!

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