Wednesday, July 27, 2011

August Sponsorships

I've been SUPER busy this month and haven't been very diligent in getting in touch for people about possibly doing August sponsorships. I realize this is short notice, but if you are interested, here are the details:

  • Free 300x75 spot on my blog in exchange for a free button of mine on your blog (let me know what size button you'll need).

  • Sponsor highlight post

    • Answer this question: What Meyers-Briggs personality type are you? Describe yourself and how you've seen this personality type played out in your life and career aspirations. (here is a free quiz if you aren't sure what type you are -- more descriptions of the types can be found here).

  • Photo of yourself (let me know if you just want to use one you've previously sent)

As always, you are welcome to do a guest post, Etsy giveaway, or DIY post. It's up to you, but totally not required. It's a fun way to gain exposure for your blog, but I realize it can be a lot of work too.

Please let me know by the 31st if you want to do this sponsor exchange for August. If you're a previous sponsor and I already have some of these items from you, just let me know and I'll search my email archives for what I need! ;)

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