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Sponsor Love: July

I'd like to give a shout-out to my lovely July sponsors! Check out their blogs and shops and spread the love!! :)

Hey there, I'm D'rae from slices of life. My blog is a lifestyle fashion blog. I've been married to the love of my life for 10 years and we have one picky cat named Sophie. I am currently located in the Midwest, but would LOVE to relocate to the Carolinas. Maybe someday.  The hubs and I are both work-a-holics who need to get out more. 

Please follow me on our adventures in life, fashion, crafting, home-improvement and whatever else I deem interesting. 


Hello!! I'm Lee Lee a crafty fashion blogger from Colombia living in Miami, FL. I love everything cute, photography and vintage items. When I am not working, I spend my days sewing reading blogs and taking pictures. I love to travel and meeting new people. I blog about my adventures in Miami, my trips, my inspirations, the things I love and the things I love making. Come in to my world! Everyone is welcome! :) 


Hi, I'm Kimberly! I'm 21 and 5' 2" tall. I live in Northern California. I'm finishing up my AA this Spring, but I want to go on for a BA in writing. I'm a girly girl. I love PINK and dresses and heels and hair and shopping! I consider myself non-partisan, but left leaning. I could talk politics for an eternity. I like the news; reading and watching it. I get emotional super easy. I always cry in sad/happy movies & even when I read some of your posts! I'm a dreamer, a planner, and a list maker.


Hi, I am Jo. I am a mother of two beautiful girls, and a wife to a gorgeous man. We feel like a modern nomadic family; we are never in one place for very long  (not by choice, I might add). My passions are making things from scratch, crocheting, and any crafty activities. We as a family are always drawn towards earth-friendly practices, and try very hard to be as conscious as we can, on a tight budget, and with no permanent home. I am an advocate of home birthing, free birthing, raw food, off-grid living, and instinctual natural parenting. I try not to judge others, and prefer to remain peaceful and live through the principles of  Tao. I do have wild and stressful days,  but there is a lot of love in our little family- and that is the most important thing. I would love to connect with you - thanks for taking the time to read - much love and light your way. Jo x


Hello there!  I'm Chantilly. 

I post about my life adventures, as well as outfits and music-related stuff. 

Right now I'm making a new album with my producer friend Saul!   The experience has been dreamy, exciting, and rewarding, and we'll be finished in the next few months... be on the lookout!


Hi, I'm Eden!

My blog is about my daily happenings, being vegetarian, my wedding plans, and adventures with the awesome people in my life.

I'm engaged to the greatest boy on the entire planet. I love him very much, and tend to blog about him a lot too!


Hello! I'm Desiree.

I am the writer/creator behind Cozihome blog and the artist behind Cozihome prints.

I enjoy crafting and doing small random acts of kindness but my biggest passion is to draw and design.

I am inspired by photography, art and people's life stories and I try to tie that into my blog and my art. 


My name is Margot, and I'm a 25 year old, outdoor educator, want-to-be Newfoundlander, country living girl who spends my days baking, crafting and gardening. You can read about all of these things on my blog, Newfoundlander at Heart.

I recently opened an etsy shop, and am working hard to fill it with Newfoundland- and Nature-inspired wares. You can find all kinds of things from sewn art, to photos, and hooked rugs!


I'm Nadine and I blog over at Time 2 Shine Now about daily life, movies, books and music I enjoy, materialistic bliss I couldn't resist buying, and loads of other things. I don't own a shop and I'm not very crafty or creative, but I do love receiving postcards and totally enjoy making new friends from all over the world... and there you have it! Namaste.



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I have come to the realization that I may have been mis-typed. I have often taken personality tests and generally come up with the result that I am INFP. I recently took a test that said I was INFJ actually, and the more I have been researching, the more that actually sounds like me.

What it really comes down to is the external/internal focus of the different functions (a topic that I'm still trying to wrap my head around, so I apologize if I don't explain it right). The I--J tends to actually function more as a "Perceiver" than a "Judger", contrary to what you might think (and vice versa for the I--P), which is a common reason these two types are mistaken for each other. How it actually plays out though is quite distinctive, which is why once I started reading more about INFJ's, I realized how much more like me it sounded. Basically, there are...
"...two broad and fundamental options for approaching life and information: Judging and Perceiving. Pe…

Vintage Travel Poster

One of our projects this coming term is to do a computer illustration of a painted vintage travel poster. I've been Googling some options and here are some that I like. Which would you pick?

80's Cartoons: Then and Now

I was browsing tv this morning while eating breakfast (tsk, tsk, I know...) and ran across a shocking sight. They've remade a BUNCH of the 80's cartoons, and not very flatteringly at that. I knew about Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears, but check out some of these other ones, too! As an 80's child myself, I've often wished over the years that those old cartoons would make a comeback, this wasn't exactly what I meant!

Strawberry Shortcake: Then and Now
The 80's Strawberry people were reminiscent of the sugary treats that gave them their names. Now the characters look more like shrunken Barbie dolls.

Care Bears: Then and Now
Care Bears (and their cousins!) used to be a soft, cuddly bunch that liked to stare down bad guys every now and then. Is it just me, or do the new versions have unusually large heads? This somehow makes them look both younger and creepier at the same time.

My Little Ponies: Then and Now As with most 80's cartoons, the My Little Ponies were …