Monday, July 18, 2011

Guest Post: Eurotrip 2010

Hello lovely readers! Today we have a guest post from LeeLee! I'm getting ready to go on vacation this week, so I'll let her keep you company while I pack.

Last year, me and my family went to Madrid, Barcelona,  Sevilla, Florence, Venice, Rome, Pisa, Naples and Paris. It was a very special time, we had fun and those memories will last forever! I took tons of photos- UNTIL my second day in Venice. I was waiting for my family to get ready, I was already downstairs. The Hotel had a little bridge and next to the bridge, it had stairs. I was so stupid just getting near that.. but guess what? sometimes we are curious and we do stupid things.. hahahaa.. I didn't know I was going to end up soaked in water because I slipped on the stairs that were full of algae.. eww.. well, my camera DIED that day.. thank god my usb card didn't die with it too. 

So anyway here are some photos I took of my trip, my favorite ones.. and before my camera died.. may she R.I.P.

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