Thursday, July 7, 2011

When my life slows down...

I had a whole post written out on the mobile app and then it got deleted.... You ever have days like that? Lol.

I was waxing on and on about how when my life slows down, apparently so does my blog writing! The days are already blurring together and I've only been unemployed for a week (if you count the partial week I was suspended). I've been spending my days sleeping in, applying for every office job I can find, catching up on TV shows, and knitting up a storm (new items to my Etsy shop soon!!).

Today I plan to eat breakfast (yes, I woke up at noon) and then I told myself I have to go register with some temp agencies. Why do I feel nervous about that? Probably because it feels a bit like a job interview, which always makes me nervous. Bleh...

Oh, I made homemade popcorn last night! Until I get my final paycheck in the mail, I'm kind of limited in food choice to what's already in my cupboards. I remembered that I still had some popping corn in there, so I whipped it out last night. It's pretty fun to feel the kernels popping underneath your hands as you move the pan back and forth on the burner!

I also watched an insanely boring orientation video for school yesterday. It was a prerequisite for being able to go in and sign up for classes. They probably wouldn't be able to tell if I didn't watch it, but somehow I could feel their eyes on me, so I did the right thing. It was pretty patronizing though... did you know "college will NOT be like high school"?? Lol. Anyway, I go in and sign up for classes in a couple weeks, so that will be awesome!! One step closer to being a graphic designer! :D

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