Monday, July 4, 2011


Well... it's done. No turning back.

I got home from my parent's just now (at 1:00 am), so figured I should just rip the band-aid off and call them. After thinking over all the possible scenarios (as well as talking them out with my parents), I realized that the most efficient and productive move I could make would just be to leave a voicemail with my "I quit!" speech. If I go in to their meeting, they'll just make me feel guilty and try to talk me out of it. If I quit over the phone, they'll probably do the same thing. Sending a letter would get there AFTER the meeting, so would freak them out when I no-showed to the meeting. There's no possible way the meeting itself could go well - even the "best case scenario" would be that I keep my job and have to keep working with those untrustworthy people. Going in to the meeting and quitting in person would just be embarrassing and I would cry.

So... I decided voicemail was the way to go.

I tried calling this morning actually (well... Sunday morning... I guess it's technically Monday now), but their voicemail machine never came on. Of course I started worrying... If their voicemail was actually down, it wouldn't be fixed until Tuesday morning after they open and the I.T. guy comes in and fixes it. Then I'd HAVE to call in during work hours and talk to someone.

I decided I'd try calling again Monday morning, just in case it was a fluke and the voicemail would actually work then. Thank goodness, it did. My next (mischievous) plan if that hadn't worked was to drive out to the office at the crack of dawn on Tuesday and duct tape a resignation letter to their front door. Actually, that would've been hilarious. Maybe I should do that anyway... Mwahahahaha....

So NOW....

I'm a free agent and I'm feeling so excited about this! I plan to get up bright and early on Tuesday morning and email my resume to as many spots as I can think of. Perhaps I'll even call places around town and see if they're hiring, although most businesses deal with that kind of stuff entirely online these days.

I'm excited to see what the future holds. I can do anything and be anything and I never have to go in to (that particular) boring office anymore!! Yeah!!!

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