Saturday, August 20, 2011

90+ Degree Weather

I have so much to do this weekend but I can't seem to move a muscle. I need to pack up to start moving things to my parent's house, but it's been so stinkin' hot lately that I just want to lie here and do nothing! I really shouldn't complain; we're only just now getting 90+ degree weather at the end of August. Still... it makes me grouchy. I can't wait until fall.

Speaking of fall, my financial aid is giving me fits. I should've known. I have to submit a whole bunch of extra paperwork explaining why I need more aid after I've already been to school four years. It's so irritating. If I were going for a Master's, no one would question it. Maybe I should just go for a Master's. It'd certainly have less paperwork.

I really, really want this though, and I'm not giving up. I just need to go down to the school and find the right people to talk to so I can figure out what they want me to put on these papers. I have to basically map out my entire schedule for the next three years. I wonder what happens if I ever need to deviate from the plan? Or do they just want to know that I've thought it through... that I'm not just trying to waste their time?

And such is the end of August. Hot, humid, and frustrating. Hopefully September will be better.

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