Friday, August 26, 2011

Lightning Storm

Image by Brian Bird
Last night around 3am, we had a thunder and lightning storm! It was pretty cool, even though we didn't get much rain. The thunder and lightning lasted at least an hour, though!

Based on my highly scientific estimates (I counted between the lightning and thunder), I gauged the storm to be about 15 miles away. I LOVE storms, so I was hoping it would come closer, but it I don't think it did - at least not while I was still awake.

Since I've already removed the curtains from my room (I'm moving this weekend, remember?), the lightning was making it hard to actually fall asleep. Storms like these don't scare me, but the bright flashes every minute or so were very distracting!! I hadn't packed my eye mask yet though, so I put that on to make the room seem darker. That worked pretty good.

If the storm had been earlier in the evening, I would've loved to break out the X-Files or some other scary-ish movie/TV show. I just love the impending atmosphere that a storm brings, and it's the perfect time to watch something spooky!

So that's my exciting weather story for the week. I am praying for all you over on the East Coast! I hope that you and your families are safe and that your houses survive in tact.

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