Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No More Brain-Power

I can't for the life of me find my planner with all my blogging information in it, so I apologize to the rest of the sponsors that I didn't properly introduce. I've been such a bad host this month!

Moving has been crazy, as has been trying to sort out school stuff. Now it turns out that my parents are moving to a bigger house by the end of September, so I'll be moving right along with them! Needless to say, this pretty much means that I will be living out of boxes for a month, since I don't really want to have to unpack and then re-pack in the span of four weeks.

School starts at the end of this month, also, so I hope to at least find my planner by then, but I'm not holding by breath. My sense of grounding and organization is pretty much MIA at this point, housed with all my stuff in a pile of plastic and cardboard boxes.

So anyway, all this to say... please go visit my sponsors. Click these buttons below to get to their blogs and from there you should be able to find their Etsy/Twitter/Facebook information. I wanted to be much more organized about this, but I have no more brain-power left at this point. Thank you for being understanding.

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