Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Remaking Dirty Dancing??

I am aghast with horror at the news I heard yesterday... they're remaking Dirty Dancing! My #1 all-time favorite romantic movie... and they're remaking it! How dare they mess with a classic!?? This better not turn out as bad as the remake of Karate Kid.

We like the old versions of these movies because that's what we grew up on. We've got these movies memorized. Watched them 100 times. We don't want someone trodding over their memories with muddy shoes.

The one bright spot on this dim horizon is that Kenny Ortega and Eleanor Bergstein are a part of this project. They were both a part of the original movie (as choreographer and writer), so hopefully they will have enough sense to keep the original spirit of it and not try to cheese-ify this new version too much.

I liked the "sequel" (Havana Nights), if you can call it that, because it didn't try to remake what I already love. It just took the overal spirit and themes of the movie and spun them a different way. I wouldn't mind them doing something like that again, but I really, really dread an actual straight-up remake.

There were so many perfect moments in the original film that can't be duplicated. Such much chemistry, humor, romance, and angst. It was the perfect formula for a movie... how can you re-mix a perfect formula?

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