Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shifts Itself Upside Down

Time is a curious thing. I've totally been losing track of it since losing my job. Mornings, nights, days, weekends, Mondays, Fridays... it's all the same to me lately.

You may know that I'm a natural night owl. I found out an interesting phenomenon about myself the last time I was without a regular job for a stretch of time, and it's proved to be true again... when left to it's own devices, my time clock completely shifts itself upside down.

My going-to-bed hour has been subtly shifting later and later over the past month and a half, to the point where this week I haven't been going to bed until after 5:00 am! I sleep then until 2:00 pm or so, get up, start my day, and then proceed to stay up all night again. So strange.

I wonder if I keep this up if my time clock will shift around to the right side of the day again? Or maybe being awake at night is my natural way of being? Interesting notion. Lol.

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