Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hour Two

In hour two of the Royal Wedding, we see a lot of the dignitaries and important people arriving: Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, and a bunch of other royals who I've never heard of.

The excitement is palpable as the crowd gets louder and louder with every minute. They erupt when the Princes William and Harry are spotted leaving Buckingham Palace and again when the future Princess Catherine arrives in her own car. The love for the Royals is very evident here!

So much excitement as fans anticipate the moments to come.

The Princes William and Harry begin their procession.

Princes William and Harry nearing the Abbey
The people go crazy as Princes William and Harry arrive!They sure have grown up nicely! Princes William and Harry are joking and laughing as they enter the Abbey.

Prince William

Prince Harry
Kate's mother and brother arrive.The "lesser royals" arrive. (How would you like to have that title?)

Prince Charles arrives, greeting the clergy of the Abbey on his way in.

Queen Elizabeth arrives. Doesn't she just look beautiful? Sunny and cheerful, yet still very regal.

Royal trumpeters announce the Queen's arrival. How weird would that be to have trumpeters announcing your arrival? Lol. I wonder if she finds it weird or just normal?

Queen Elizabeth looks so beautiful and charming, as always.

The future Princess is arriving!The crowd goes wild and Kate Middleton and her father proceed to the Abbey.The last to arrive before Kate are her sister, Pippa, and the little bridesmaids and page boys. So cute! Notice how the littlest ones are covering their ears. The crowd is deafening at this point as the future Princess is nearly there!

And finally... Kate arrives at Westminster Abbey. Such a beautiful Princess she will be!

Hour One

I am FINALLY watching the Royal Wedding today. I just finished hour one of the ABC coverage. I really, really wanted to stay up and watch it Thursday night/ Friday morning, but it would've been 1:00 am to 7:00 am my time and that just wouldn't have made a very happy worker in me the next day. I'm sure my bosses appreciated the sacrifice I made to TiVo this historic event instead of watching it Live and being too tired to work on Friday. (Doubtful they even noticed, actually. Oddly enough, none of them even seemed all that excited about the wedding.)

I grew up hearing my mom talk about how she stayed up to watch Princess Diana's wedding back in 1981. I was just 2 years old then, so obviously I don't remember it. Still, I feel a sense of tradition when watching this current event, like I'm participating in something handed down from the ages. How cool is it to witness something that will one day be written in history books? (The last time I felt that way was watching the Twin Towers crumble. Thankfully this historic event is much happier than that one.)

My original plan was to watch the coverage "Live" last night at 1:00 am and pretend that I was watching it as it happened the night before. I stayed up to about 10:30 pm and then was way too tired to care anymore. (I know, I'm getting old). So, instead, I'm watching it in pieces today, on Saturday, curled up with my coffee and my cute, sleeping kitty cat, swooning and oohing and ahhing over the romantic excitement of it all. I think I made the better choice. ;)  I would've been too tired to enjoy it if I'd stayed up to watch it last night.

So, I'll have more "coverage" to come of this grand event as I watch it "Live" today, but here are the highlights of the first hour as we await the royal arrivals. I was originally planning to make a 6-hour event of this, all in one sitting, but I actually have a few errands to run in town today, so... I'll see you all later!

The Brits are very proud and happy this day!Boys & girls alike were very excited to see glimpses of the Royal Wedding. 

Westminster Abbey. This is where the ceremony took place.

Kneeling benches inside the Abbey. I believe this is where they sign the wedding documents.The crowd is excited and ready for the big event.Here comes the procession of dignitaries.I wonder if the guy on the left is thinking, "Hey, where are my medals?"Royal guards marching through the crowd on the way to the Abbey. 

Then of course, there are the hats. Apparently this is British custom for such events.I'm very curious to know how this hat stayed on her head.Charles Spencer, Diana's brother. Check out the lady to his right - pretty hat! :)Of course, we can't help but think of the late Princess Diana on this day. One of her bridesmaids remembers that beautiful day, 30 years ago.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Sister Visiting

My sister and her boys visited this weekend. This is her youngest, strapped to a chair like a bandit in an old Western movie. He doesn't seem to mind. ;)

We were making a high chair to feed him in, if you must know. Lol. They stayed at Mom's house most of the previous week, which had all sorts of luxurious baby accommodations (such as a high chair, a toy bin, and a saucer play-thing). Aunt Jennifer's house has no such accommodations, however. ;) I have plenty of grown-up distractions (a Nintendo Wii, books to read, movies to watch), but not so much for kids. (I probably should at least invest in a toy bin. My 3-yr-old nephew expected that when he came over for the afternoon!).

Anywhoo... It was fun seeing everyone. Their visits are always way too short!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dreaming of How I Want My Life to Be

This isn't a declaration, because whenever I do that I change my mind. (Although I suppose changing her mind is a woman's prerogative, isn't it?). Rather, this is just a simple wish and a plan.

As you're probably well aware of, I'd give anything to not have to be "working for the man" anymore. That's just so not my lifestyle. I don't mind working hard, but working hard for someone else is exhausting mentally and creatively.

I want to be at the place where it would be feasibly possible to make a living from my own creative hand. I want time to sleep in... to ponder life slowly over a luxurious breakfast... to have the flexibility and resources to travel and see the world. I have to keep that dream at the forefront of my mind or I might disappear under the weight of discouragement that is the drudgery of a 9-5 job.

As I've been dreaming of how I want my life to be over the past few months, I've noticed something. A lot of the blogs I read are written by similar-minded, creative women, many of whom are crafters, hobbyists, and graphic designers. (Can you guess where I'm going with this?). Turns out, a graphic designer can make up to 40-60K a year! Fascinating, huh? Much better (and way more interesting) than being a receptionist, for sure.

Obviously it takes time to go through the schooling (a 2-year Associates degree), and then more time still to either find a job (working for the man), or building my client list (working for myself). But... it's a solid lead and a wonderful idea for how to take my creative streak and turn it into making an actual living.

I love that this career path has both formal and informal options for making money. That's not the case with a lot of careers. I think if I have to be pigeon-holed into a career, I'd rather be in one that has options to wiggle around in.

So, I've been researching. Turns out there's a fairly decent program right here at my local community college, costing about $650 a term. Not bad. If I budget and save, I won't even have to take any loans out. (That's a big IF - I'm not very good at budgeting and saving). Plus, I love that I can implement what I learn right away, online. I can experiment on my own blog, then gradually offer my services to others on the web. The more I learn, the more valuable my skills will be.

What do you think? Is this a pipe dream or something worth working towards?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Art, Expression, Freedom, and Creativity

I just love finding fun, creative blogs to read. It reminds me that life doesn't have to be all about corporate responsibility. Art, expression, freedom, and creativity definitely have a place in this world and I'm starting to believe that it's okay that I love these things. Not everyone is a Type-A, get-things-done type of person. Some of us need a little more emotion and inspiration in our lives! Here are some lovely posts that have been inspiring to me lately:


Megan at {Freckled Italian} shows us her current color inspirations! I just love her choice of photos here. So beautiful and vibrant!


Selma at {Crazy Little World of Mine} blogs about her perfect Saturday! Reading, relaxing... sounds about right!


Katie at {I Go by Katie} writes about a typical day in her creative life. I just love all the time she has to creative, sew, photograph. Someday I hope my life will be so free!


Betsey at {Peace Love Bella Vita} shares her pretty inspiration with us! Beautiful, lovely things that make me smile.


For these and other inspiring things, check out my {Google Reader} shared items page! I try to share things that inspire me, beautiful photos, etc.

Also, there's still time to think about {Sponsoring} me for the month of May! :) Help me tell others about your inspiring work. Do you blog? Create things for Etsy? Help drive people to your site by sponsoring my blog - starting at just $3 for the month!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Being Sick All the Time

Today I had a "talking to" at work. They were nice about it, but basically told me that I better not be sick anymore or I risk having my hours cut at work. It's frustrating because I'm not trying to get sick. It's hard when you feel like you're getting in trouble for something you don't have total control over.

I guess I can see their point though, too. Work is kind of a contract. You agree to show up 40 hours a week; they agree to pay you for it. I guess I haven't been doing very well at the showing up part.

I'm looking into finding a doctor. I know it isn't normal to be sick so often, but it feels normal to me. Hopefully I can learn a new normal. I really do want to succeed in life. I hope someday that I won't need this boring job, but in the meanwhile, I am still there and I really should be there wholeheartedly.

It's possible, too, that my attitude could have affected my health in some way. I know I probably do have something wrong with my health because I can't remember the last time I wasn't tired and run down. Still, having a good attitude about work could go a long way in not stressing myself out... which should, in turn, help me not get sick as often if I'm not as stressed.

Which is why... I'm resolving to improve my attitude. I'm hoping this is the lynchpin to improving my health, my reputation at work, and my life. Resolutions to eat better and exercise more only work so far as you keep resolving to work on those... which, is hard to do with a general overall bad attitude about your life situation.

The fact is, my job is boring. But... it's also a fact that I need that job. Maybe someday that'll change, and I can definitely make steps in the meanwhile to find something new. But for now... I need to work honorably at the job I have and I need to do it with a good attitude.

(that was me... giving myself a pep-talk... hopefully it inspiring to you too... or at least mildly entertaining)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Opens Up a World

Wow! I impressed myself today! ;) I was trying out a software called Pixelmator, to see if I could create a more professional-looking banner for my site. A few tutorials later... voila!! (Scroll to the top of the page). While I was at it, I re-designed the banner and logo for my Etsy shop as well. So cool!!

I've been wishing I could take some design classes, but haven't really found the time or money to do so. Luckily there are some very helpful Pixelmator tutorials on their website! I learned how to do variant grades and also bubbles. Fun fun! :)

Long story short, if you're looking for a Photoshop-esqe graphic design app for the Mac, this one seems like it could do the trick. I really know nothing about Photoshop so have no idea if this could do everything for you that you're used to Photoshop doing... but... for me, it opens up a world of manipulating text and photos that I didn't previously realize I could do!

Old Design

New Design

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