Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anatomy of an Art Project

As some of you probably remember, I've been working on a collage this past week in my Color class. It's been really interesting and fun to scour magazines for colors that grab my attention and then to work them into a meaningful composition.

Obviously the Instagram filters I used on each of these photos is slightly different from each other, but I promise they are same color pieces in each photo! So I started out by finding a bunch of colors that just seemed to want to play together.

My first attempt turned out pretty cool, but my teacher said it lacked composition. For you non-artists or designers, that basically means that my piece needed a focal point and some sort of structure to it.

Last night I sat down and found a bunch MORE colors and started laying over the collage I'd already done. It just needed a little more color support in certain areas. What I needed up with is (hopefully) a pretty strong composition! I guess the moral of the story is, you can alway push your work further than you originally thought you could. ;)


  1. Jennifer, this is great! I wish I could attend a color class. I loved your first piece and I agree about pushing your work. What a beautiful example. I hope you had a great week!

  2. Wow - cool! When I saw that final picture on FB or something, I thought, "What's wrong with the composition of that? It looks fine." But apparently, that was your second attempt. :) It went from a straight-forward collage to something that looks like it should be in a modern art exhibit. Nice work!

  3. oh that's so cool! i love being creative. looking very good!! :)


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