Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Feb Photo a Day

In February, I'll be participating in a photo-a-day challenge. Chantelle, over at Fat Mum Slim, had a bunch of bloggers doing this last month, so this month I wanted to jump in too!

If you want to join in, be sure and tag your photos w/ #FEBphotoaday on whatever social network you post them to. Leave me a comment below if any of you are posting them to Tumblr or Instagram so I can come look - those are the about the only social networks I'm using these days! Lol. (You can find me @desertrose0601 on Instagram and @livingthecreativelife on Tumblr.)

1 comment:

  1. Earlier this year, I created a new blog. I wrote on my main blog that I had a new project to take a photo of myself each day and post it in the new blog. But it only lasted for less than a week. And now the blog is abandoned. I'm so bad at keeping up with this 'photo a day' thing. Haha!


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