Saturday, January 14, 2012

Here's what I did this week!

I vowed (to myself) that I would be better about sharing what's going on in my school life this term. I kept meaning to share last term and didn't get to it very often. Sorry!!

So... starting the new year off right... here's what I did this week!

I read about the color wheel. Did you know if you combine two paint colors from opposite sides of the wheel, they'll make gray? 

We had to make a collage of colors that represented ourselves. Here's what mine looked like when I was just starting it. (Stay tuned for next week's photo montage to see the finished product!)

Typography class is pretty exciting. Everyone warned me that it will be brutally hard, but so far it's just been fun. Even the reading has been fun! So many pretty pictures in these books!! 

Today I'm reading about type. It's surprisingly interesting. ;)

And yet another typography reading assignment. So much to learn and absorb!!

I had to add a non-school picture in here for good measure. How does an avocado-tuna sandwich sound? It's super delish!!

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  1. I want to read all of your books! hah. My Typography classes were my favorite...looking forward to seeing your finishing collage!!


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