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What I've Watched - #1

I've debated forever whether or not to delve into my tv/movie-watching habit on my blog. Every few months I'll decide to blog about it but then end up deleting the posts again in the hopes of culling my blog into the perfect, artsy-fartsy, blogger's blog. But alas... I'm a nerd. And part of being a nerd involves technology, books, and yes... tv/movie-watching.

So... I've decided to embrace my nerdiness and incorporate two new sections to my blog -- What I've Read and What I've Watched. Hopefully you'll enjoy them! :)

New Years Eve

This movie got horrible reviews on Rotten Tomatoes - not sure why because it was great! 

I'm a sucker for romantic comedies, especially ones created by Garry Marshall, so of course I had to check this one out -- I wasn't disappointed! It was funny, romantic, and even coaxed a tear or two. Whenever this hits iTunes, I'm definitely adding it to my movie collection!

I give it 4.25 out of 5 stars.

Gossip Girl

I remember watching the first couple episodes of this when it first aired on tv, but for some reason it slipped out of my weekly viewing habit. Then this December I discovered that Netflix had the first 4 season on streaming and since I had a month-long break from school, I jumped right in!

I'm almost done w/ season 4, but now discovered that season 5 is halfway over (and doesn't fit in my TiVo's schedule anyway), so I think I'm going to have to wait until it shows up on Netflix to watch it. So far, so good though -- it's a very entertaining show! I'd hate myself if I were ever as catty and vindictive as any of these characters, but it sure does make for interesting television!!

I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

The Walking Dead

I'm not entirely sure why I haven't gotten into zombie movies before now, because the story-concept is entirely riveting. I suppose it could just be that this is a particularly well-made zombie story, or it's also possible that I just never gave them a chance before.

I tend to enjoy post-apocalyptic stories in general (Hunger Games, anyone?). It's intriguing to ponder how we might re-build society if all known technology were to suddenly cease to exist. That's basically the underlying premise of this show... plus a bunch of flesh-eating zombies annihilating everything in sight.

I'm not quite done w/ season one, and I haven't started trying to find season two yet, but so far I'm very engaged in this show. It DOES have some gore in it, so beware of that, but the storyline and character development are extremely well done.

I give it 20 out of 5 stars.


  1. I had not even heard of New Years Eve, I've made a note to add it to my movies as soon as it's on iTunes as well. I never really got into Gossip Girl but will watch it now and again. Lately I've been enjoying Revenge, White Collar, and The Good Wife - guilty pleasures!

  2. LOL at "artsy-fartsy, crafty, blogger's blog" .. I have those same thoughts sometimes, but always go with YOU! And I Love movie and book reviews! Gives me something to go off. Def going to catch New Years Eve after your review.

  3. New Year's Eve still not showing here. I guess I just need to wait for the DVD to come out. So sad :(


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