Sunday, January 29, 2012

My week in pictures

We made color swatches w/ colored pencils in class this week.

I made a snowflake puzzle for our Women's Tea at church. Hand-drawn and hand-cut!
Carlita always deserves a picture. ;)

Once I got it in my head to giveaway some clothes, I had to go ahead and do it! My closet is much happier now that it only has things I actually wear in it!


  1. Yeah for purging your closet! I'm so desperate to do that I may just get rid of stuff right now. I'm at my smallest "self" right now, so if there's something even smaller or something that doesn't work for me now (and didn't work for me while I was nursing), it needs to GO! Thanks for the motivation - keep asking me if I've made time to do it. :)

    1. Yeah I've found over the years, that even if I'm not at my ideal weight at a certain moment in time, getting rid of stuff that you KNOW you haven't worn in years or that you KNOW makes you feel dumpy when you wear them clears space for things that actually work and make you feel good when you put them on.

      I've had friends who keep tons of clothes for "just in case" they get down to their ideal weight again. This usually keeps them in a rut of wearing clothes that don't quite flatter them as they are now, which in turn keeps them constantly in limbo w/ their weight b/c they're constantly feeling wistful about where they're not instead of trying to work with where they're at.


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