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Technology Detox - Stage One

  1. Delete any online accounts that demand more from you than they give back. Anything you feel obliged to check more than once a day counts.
  2. Check and reply to email only twice a day and never first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Be strict about this.
  3. Get rid of any streaming services you pay for. DVD's by mail are okay in moderation, but remember that anticipation makes viewing sweeter and too much choice makes all your options look dull. Limit your queue to less than a dozen movies.
  4. Really make an effort to do one thing at a time. Enjoy each moment for what it is.
  5. Do nothing for at least ten minutes a day, outside if possible. Lie back and look at the clouds. Don't think about your to-do list during this time.
  6. Turn off all non-essential notifications to your smart phone. It's hard to be present in every moment when your attention is constantly being tyrannized by the urgent.
  7. When in doubt, weigh the pros vs. the cons. Is checking Facebook five hundred times a day helping you achieve your goals or is it merely being a digital task-master? What could you achieve if you weren't thinking about the next time you get to plug in?

  1. My first technology fast.
  2. My geeky tech history.
  3. Starting the Disconnect Process.
  4. My general "unplugging" anxiety.
  5. My "Rules" for a technology detox.
  6. Technology detox - Day 7 update.
  7. Technology detox - Day 17 update!


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