Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Technology Fast

I spent the last 20 hours without (much) technology. Starting Saturday evening around 8:30pm, I powered down my iPhone (!!!) and stashed it in a drawer. Then I covered over my television, put my MacBook on a shelf, and... read a book! It was amazing. Haven't actually done that in awhile (with the exception of textbooks).

I got the idea on one of the million blogs I follow (can't remember which one at the moment) and thought it sounded like a breath of fresh air. I chose Sunday because it seemed like a good day to focus on God instead of Twitter, but it could work any day that you choose. Maybe next week you'll join me? Just... pick a day... the same one every week... and purposefully free yourself of the interwebs for those few hours. You don't need to forgo electricity or cars or microwaves (unless you want to). Just consider what is constantly pulling on you for attention and lay it aside for a day (unless that thing is your kids -- don't stuff them in a drawer, please!). For me, it was the internet and television... the constant need to check my Facebook page, Etsy shop, or Twitter stream, and the constant drive to pay attention to what's on my TiVo.

I was originally planning to go until Monday morning without everything, but didn't quite make it there. My iPhone was pleading out to me to turn it on and see how many messages I was missing! But... for the (nearly) 24 hours that I spent in a technology-silence, it actually was very peaceful and I got a lot more sleep last night as well! I'm considering giving myself a technology-curfew from now on, if only to get a more peaceful sleep the rest of the week!

Have you ever taken a technology fast? How did it go? Maybe you'll join me this coming week in doing one?


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