Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On not being afraid to scrap a design.

Part of being a graphic designer is learning when to scrap something and start over and when to just keep pushing through. You have to weigh how much time and energy you've put in vs. whether or not what you're doing is actually working. It's like when you're knitting and you're about halfway done with a pattern and realize that you did something wrong on the 2nd row. Is it worth it to start over? Will it make a difference or can you hide it? Sometimes it really is better to start over. Sometimes you can fix it. It just depends.

Last night I spent hours trying to illustrate the bicycle from my travel poster and it was still turning out rather dodgy (sorry, I've been watching Australian television again). Between that and being tired, I just set it aside and went to bed. Maybe there's something to be said for working out your problems in your sleep because when I woke up I knew that I'd been making it way too complicated for myself. The solution was too obvious. Instead of cutting out the counterspaces, like I had been doing, why didn't I just draw the actual object? Seems obvious in retrospect...

And so, in about a half hour flat, I redid the entire wheel that had taken me 5 hours to do yesterday. It looks so much better though! Sometimes starting over is exactly the right method.

First attempt

Second attempt
{Travel Poster updates: 1 . 2 . 3 }


  1. Awesome. I've so been there. Sometimes it will all just work out in the nick of time.

  2. Just stopping by to say hi and show your blog some love.


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