Thursday, April 5, 2012

School Project: Vintage Travel Poster

I actually decided to go with a completely different poster than the ones I showed you yesterday. We went over the requirements for the poster in class in a little more detail yesterday and I realized the posters I was gravitating towards wouldn't quite fit the bill. I ended up choosing this one instead.

We basically have to make sure that the one we chose hasn't already been simplified, shapes-wise, because that's what our assignment is to do. So this one is more obviously painted, with lots of subtle shading, etc. Now I have to simplify the shapes and break it down in Illustrator.

Last night I did two of the letters in the header! Lol. That's the easy part. ;P This weekend, I'll probably finish up the words and then start in on the background. I'm actually really looking forward to working on this assignment! Travel posters, and other similar types of posters, are such a cool art form. :)

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