Friday, April 13, 2012

2012 Recap: January-March

In case you missed it... here's a few of the highlights from my year so far!

Remember this art project?
My non-fashionista's attempt at a fashion post.
The day I unplugged my life.
Some awesome graphically-designed posters.

I designed some fun coffee sleeves to knit up for my Etsy shop.
Have you seen Dance Academy? It's about an Australian ballet school.
I learned how to knit an i-cord!
Spring arrived in Oregon!
I painted a lot of pretty colors.

I realized that music is vital to the design process.
I joined a Blogger Book Club!!
Carlita (my cat) took center stage on the blog this day.
Just a few of my blogging philosophies.
Did you know sleeping by your cell phone is detrimental to your sleep?
Do you zentangle?

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