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A story about my oily face.

Sorry if this is random, but how good are you at remembering to wash your face? I am actually pretty terrible at remembering! I'll be good for a week or two, but then when my face clears up, I'll slack off again. Very bad, I know... which is probably why I still get pimples regularly. Sigh...

Also, maybe I'm weird, but I tend to rotate between several brands, since my face seems to like that best. Do you stick with one brand or try different ones? I don't know why but after awhile, my face tends to stay oily if I stick with the same wash for too long. It's like my oil glands build up a resistance or something. ;P


  1. I wash my face in the shower, so I never forget. And for makeup, I use those quick wipe makeup removers to take it off before bed, followed by a toner. I use witch hazel as a toner.

    My skin is mostly oily as well and I tend to break out on my chin, so I use Neutrogena acne wash, and I make sure to moisturize with Neutrogena's combination skin lotion, no SPF. I find that if I skip moisturizer my skin gets slicker a lot faster to overcompensate for how much washing it dries it out.

    1. Ooh - that's a good point. I almost always forget moisturizer. I bet that's why my skin seems to get overly oily when I focus on one wash for too long - it's probably not the fact that it's the same wash, but instead just the fact that I'm washing more consistently without moisturizing! I'll have to work on that.

      What's a toner for, btw? I've heard of that, but not really sure what it is.

    2. A toner is a bit of cleanser that you use on a cotton ball. It can help get soap residue off your face - great if you're in a hard water area - or just offer a more complete cleansing. I use witch hazel because it's similar to an astringent but not as harsh.

      The other thing I do with moisturizing is to make sure I do that first thing after washing & toning, otherwise my skin dries out too much and it takes a little while to restore the balance. And don't be afraid to use more moisturizer than you think is necessary. If your hands pull at your skin, you're using too little but if it hasn't sunk in after about 30 seconds then you're using too much.

    3. Oh thanks! That makes sense. Just another kind of cleanser then? I wish there was a one-step process! Lol.

  2. I forget a lot. I need to put my face wash in the shower; good point, Kirsten. I just got a bit of sun today so I'm hoping my acne has dried out. Yes, acne AGAIN. I swear at age nearly 37, you'd think I'd be done with this mess. Almost makes me look forward to wrinkles.

  3. I wash my face with off-brand apricot scrub 3 or 4 times a week, or as often as I shower anyway. I have pretty clear skin naturally and I've been using the stuff for a couple years now, but if I forget for a while I get oily again. I used to use it every day but I got too dried out and my body over compensated and got more gross than usual. It seems to work out best every other day. Maybe it's something similar for you too?


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