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11 About-Me Questions Answered {& some for YOU too!}

I picked up this questionnaire from Michelle over at Books 'N Shoes. Go check out her blog - she's a sweetheart!

If you don't feel like reading my answers, skip to the bottom - I've included some questions for you to fill out!! :)


1. Your favorite author? I'm going to have to go with C. S. Lewis. I grew up reading the Narnia series, and then in college had a class where we read most of his theological works as well. He really is a very good writer and even makes the driest subjects picture-able in your mind's eye.

2. What’s your go-to meal for dinner parties / get-togethers? Enchiladas. It's the one thing that I can make in about 20 minutes flat and that actually tastes pretty good!

3. Do you wear vintage, or is ‘used’ clothing too ick? I'm definitely not picky when it comes to used clothes. As long as it's not too worn, is of a decent style, and fits me well, I couldn't care less where it came from.

4. What’s your favorite Easter candy? Chocolate!!!

5. What social media do you use most? Twitter. I've tried a lot of them, but keep coming back to Twitter. I like how casual it is, and also how you can get a really quick pulse on what's going on in the world / which celebrity has died today.

6. Best musical instrument? I'm a sucker for the piano - especially classical. I also tend to like the cello and deeper instruments like that.

7. Musicals: love ‘em or hate ‘em? I tend to hate them. There are a few I can stand - Mary Poppins and Sound of Music, for example - but mostly I just find them annoying. It's one thing to incorporate music within the storyline, but to just randomly have the actors break into song and start dancing in the streets is just too unrealistic for me.

8. Showers or baths? It depends. For hygiene, showers. For relaxing / reading a book, baths.

9. Fold your laundry or leave it in a pile until it’s time to wear it? Lol. How'd you know? I currently have a HUGE pile of clean laundry on my floor!! Every now and then I actually put laundry away, but usually it just sits in a pile until it's time to wear it.

10. Do you eat breakfast every day? Yes, absolutely. I tend towards hypoglycemia so if I skip a meal, any meal, I get really cranky and shaky and sick. So even if I'm running late, I ALWAYS eat breakfast, even if it's in the car in the way to wherever I need to get to that day.

11. How often do you wash your hair? Um... truthfully? Probably about every other day. Is that bad? I just don't feel like it needs it the other days and I'd rather spend the time sleeping in.

Questions for YOU! Let me know if you answer these on your blog - I'd love to come read them!

1. Do you suffer from Spring allergies?
2. If you could be a cat or a dog, which would you be and why?
3. What was your favorite movie as a kid? Do you still like it?
4. What high school stereotype would you fit into today? Nerd? Jock? Cheerleader? Slacker?
5. If you could instantly know another language, which one would you like it to be?
6. Can you read while music is playing?
7. If it were entirely up to you, without considering your family / kids / work / school / etc, what time would you most naturally go to bed &/or wake up?
8. Do you know how to tango?
9. Do you pick your nose in public?
10. Would you buy furniture from a garage sale?
11. What do you like to do on a rainy day?


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