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A story about the the time I was sea-sick inside my own house!

Have you ever had a severely plugged-up ear? It's the weirdest feeling in the world.

Thursday afternoon I took a walk down a little man-made lake near our house. I needed to get some photos for a class so thought it'd be the perfect day for it. It was a slightly overcast day but still somewhat decent temperatures.

I started out with photographing a little fishing dock that juts out over the lake.

Then a cloud burst open and it started pouring down rain. This being Oregon, I figured it wouldn't last too incredibly long and didn't really think much of it.

Still, I figured that I shouldn't let my Oregon nature kill my camera, so I hid in the bushes for a few minutes, trying to wait it out while keeping my camera dry.

This got tiring fast, so I just decided to just walk home instead. I put on my hood and hid my camera inside my sweatshirt.

Needless to say, I was drenched by the time I got home. We only live a few blocks from the lake, but that was enough time to get my entire left side completely soaked.

Friday morning I woke up feeling like I was on board a ship out to sea. Even sitting up caused extreme vertigo. My left ear was very clogged and even though it didn't hurt, I knew that's what was causing the dizziness. I can only assume getting caught in the rain was the culprit because I haven't had a cold lately.

Lying down was the only way to avoid both the vertigo and the hand-in-hand symptom of vertigo: complete and utter nausea. Strangely, even watching tv contributed to the motion sickness, so much of the day was spent just lying there, drifting in and out of sleep. When my mom got home in the evening, I lay on the couch next to her and she told me what was happening on the tv shows she was watching in between the spoken dialogue! Lol. Definitely a funny way to "watch" tv, but it worked! We got two episodes watched that way. ;P

That evening my mom remembered a home remedy that has always worked for her in the past when she's had ear infections. Apparently garlic-infused olive oil used as ear drops does the trick. She had a store-bought version of this that we used, but said she's made it from scratch before and it works just as well. The version we used had olive oil and garlic in it, as well as St. John's Wort flower and Mullein flower, both of which are known to help cure this type of thing.

Organic, Completely Natural Ear Drops

After only two doses (one last night and one this morning), I'm already feeling drastically improved. Whatever was wrong with my ear never spiraled into a full-on earache and my vertigo is almost completely gone.

So all in all, this has been a very sudden and strange condition (I've never experienced sea-sickness inside my own house!), but I'm glad to have found a remedy that works so quickly and completely!


  1. Missy had this happen to her yesterday! Actually, she said, "Mom, I have a headache in my ear." And I said, "An earache?" and she got mad at me. But I used the same drops and now she feels better too!

  2. so happy you shared this with us! I must try it next time!!!

  3. i have experienced vertigo and it is terrible. pretty pics, though!


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