Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Kiss of Sun...

This afternoon I did something I rarely, if ever, do... I lay outside in the sun. I know what you're thinking... "You never lay out in the sun?" Actually... no. I'm a fair-skinned red-head who tends to overheat really quickly. The sun has never been my friend.

In the spirit of living French though, I had taken my laptop outside earlier to read blogs in the fresh air. I was sitting in the shade and had my toes in the sun, but it made me realize how much I was missing by sitting inside all day every day while the wonderful outside was there, ready to be enjoyed! Birds were singing, a breeze was playing with my hair... I'd completely forgotten the simple pleasure of sitting on a deck outside.

Of course soon the beckoning of the sun on my toes was too much to ignore, so I went and found a sunhat and some sunscreen (redheads can never be too careful!). I laid out for about five minutes. Soooooooo delightful! I have never really understood the appeal laying out has for some people. Sun, to me, has always equaled burnt skin and dehydration. This was something new and different though... warmth, life, softness, peace. It's amazing what a little sun can do for a person's mood! I'm definitely a fan now (in small doses, of course).


  1. I love laying out in the sun! I haven't been able to since I moved to New York though...except on the rare occasion I've made it down to the beach. Thanks for what you did for my ad! I'm sorry I didn't get around to fixing it, I need to make new buttons I've just been so busy!!

  2. I am loving your little French theme that you have going here! Eating well and enjoying a little sunshine is good for the soul! You are smart to limit the exposure and still wear a sun hat and can never be too safe. Clearly, that is why you have beautiful, creamy and flawless skin!


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