Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just a little housekeeping...

In case you hadn't noticed (and you probably haven't), I recently closed down my other design blog. I realize it's only been open about a month, but I got to thinking... why am I starting a new blog when I barely have time to promote this one? Lol. I initially thought maybe my readers (you!) wouldn't like me promoting my designs... which is why I split things up. But the more I thought about it, the more I was like, "Wait a minute. People most likely know I'm a graphic designer before they subscribe, so... why would it be weird for me to talk about it?" Duh.

I think sometimes because graphic design is a relatively new passion of mine, it feels a little weird to be excited about it. But I am. So... it's going to stay on this blog. Hopefully that's okay. I'll try not to sound like a used-car-salesman about it! I just get so excited when I discover a new way to design something, etc. Hopefully these sorts of things excite you too!

Anyway... so because of that, I pulled the half-dozen to a dozen posts that I had over there already and will be posting those here spread out over the next couple weeks. If you were one of the 4 people who were subscribing over there, I apologize for the duplication. For the rest of you... enjoy!


  1. I'll be excited to see those posts! :) I am slowly looking around for a new blog design. I do like the one I have but I need some color! :) Anyway, happy Sunday!

  2. I think you should have it all in one! I get what you're saying about shameless self promotion, and really a lot of that will be in your store, but there's no reason you shouldn't remind your readers time to time. After all, that's the point of your blog, to incorporate everything you love, and your graphic design is a part of you. I look forward to seeing the posts :)


  3. I think it's a good move too - I have had similar thoughts about my own blog and design business in the past and wondered if all in one was covering too many topics or that, like you, I was worried about 'selling' all the time. But I've reached the conclusion that my blog is all about me, all the facets of me, and that's ok. If people like me they will follow. Anyway, there's my 2c. Good move! x

  4. Just found your blog from the giveaway over at Chasing Sunshines blog! and I am excited to see what all you have to offer on your blog! newest follower!


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