Saturday, August 4, 2012

New Yarn!

One of the best things about knitting is getting new yarn! Other than seeing my new creations come to life, I think seeing all the beautiful yarn colors, yet un-knitted, is my favorite part of this craft.

This is a new yarn that I'm trying out called Drops Nepal that'll be perfect for my fall collection. It's a wool and alpaca blend and soooooo soft! I tried one ball of it about a week ago and LOVED it so had to order a bunch more. I may just be tempted to keep one of these new hats for myself!


  1. Ooooo! I love it! My favorite yarn is called Caron Simply Soft! It is sooo soft too! I will have to check this kind out! (:

  2. Love getting new yarn, sometimes I'm almost sad to cast it on! I've never tried Drops yarn - I've knitted a few of their patterns and loved them but I've always subbed the yarn for something cheaper!


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