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In God's Timing...

The other day my cat really, really, REALLY wanted to go outside, but it was 100+ degrees and I knew she would just end up miserable and dehydrated if she went out. I kept telling her, in the sweetest voice possible, "No. You really don't want to go outside. You just don't know that you don't want to." She didn't believe me.

But it struck me that God does this with us a lot of times. We really, really, REALLY want something and He keeps saying no... or not right now... yet we pout and grumble and act like a two-year-old denied of candy in a grocery store. Could it be... that God knows it's over 100 degrees out there and we really wouldn't want to go out if we could see the big picture? Very possibly.

This post isn't really about anything in particular in my life right now - actually I've been feeling very blessed by God lately - but I really wanted to write down this revelation before I forgot it. I'm sure I'll ask God for something harmful at some point in the future, and He'll tell me no... so hopefully I'll remember this lesson then. We tend to be pretty short-sighted as humans, especially when we really, really, REALLY want something!


  1. Aww! Your kitty is so cute!

    I tell Logan all the time that he doesn't want to go outside, but he doesn't believe me either.

  2. Good observations! It's amazing how much pets and kids can reveal about our own hearts. :)

    Also, I think Cinnamon has finally figured out that it's really not worth it to go outside on uber hot days - she'll look curious at the door, but when she feels the heat come in through the opening when we use the door, she pauses and I can just see the wheels turning in her head. :P

  3. That's a great lesson, one I need to learn. It just seems like God's time is so far away from mine.... which can be difficult to deal with.

  4. I'm so glad you took the time to write this thought down, I needed to hear it! So often I get caught up with MY own plans, that I forget it is His that ultimatly prevail. I needed the reminder to be thankful for prayers answered AND those unanswered. thank you for the beautiful post. :)

    Danielle A.

  5. I read this super early this morning on my phone, as a cuddled my (finally) sleeping daughter who'd been up half the night with croup. Sometimes we all need to be reminded 'all in good time.' Many thanks for this post, dear friend. (BTW, super cute kitty!)


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