Monday, August 6, 2012

Blog Design: The Heart of Aloha

Wow! I just finished up my first blog design job! It was a month of brainstorming, sketching, bouncing ideas back and forth... I've designed plenty of blogs for myself, but this was my first "real" client! Yeah!! I feel like I should be more calm and collected about this, but it's just so exciting!!

I was so honored to be asked by my friend Angie, over at Heart of Aloha, to come up with a new look for her blog! She is making some major changes in her life and passions (shh... I am sworn to secrecy about that for now!) and asked me to be a part of helping her step forward into this new phase.

This was by far the biggest professional design job I've done and I'm so happy with how it turned out! I've grown so much in my confidence as a designer, and I'm especially happy that Angie is happy with her design! That warms my designer's heart, to make someone smile with what I do. I feel truly blessed that God has been leading me on this path to become a designer!

PS: If you are interested in getting a blog re-designed, click here for more details!


  1. Thank you again for designing this for me, Jen! I love it so much! :) xo

  2. GREAT job Jen!! I love the colors and that pretty coral graphic! You done good :)

    1. I'm testing something out - can you let me know if you get an email when I "reply" to you on here?

  3. Congrats on the job!! Super cute also!!

    And hey, did your reader get the email when you replied on the blog? I've wondered that for awhile now!! Sometimes I'd like to reply on the blog because I'm answering a general question other readers might be interested in!



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