Friday, February 17, 2012

Why I'm glad I'm not a medical student.

I was watching Grey's Anatomy last night and it struck me how glad I am that I'm not a medical student / intern. Not that that was ever an option, but can you imagine me doing that? I'm much more suited to the artistic life of a designer. Lol.

We work hard too, but it's a different kind of hard. We're not in 12-hour surgeries or up to our elbows in someone's innards. Instead we decide from 20 different shades of yellow and work painstakingly to draw the perfect lines with the smallest pen tip you've ever seen. Definitely more my speed! ;)


What about you? Are you suited for where you are in life? Do you ever catch a glimpse of someone else's life and feel glad you didn't choose that path?

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