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Interview with a Sponsor: Tam

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How did you come up with your blog title, "Twelve Discovery Drive"?
I really started thinking about what I wanted to do over the next year. I want to try at least one new thing each month. Twelve new things to Discover who I am and the Drive to complete them. Each word in the title has personal meaning to me.

My tagline is "Creating My Own Happy Ending" - when I think about my "ending," I always see myself in a beach house or lake house overlooking the water, sitting at my desk writing something. That little thought just always puts a smile on my face :)

What did you always want to be when you grew up? Are you doing that? 
I'm not really sure what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was so confused about it that I joined the military right out of high school. I went into the US Marines when I was 18 and stayed in for seven years. Once I got out, I went back to school and got my Bachelor's degree and eventually, my MBA.

What does your "real life" outside of the internet look like? Job? Hobbies? Kids? 
In my "real life," I'm a business analyst in the defense industry. It's definitely not the most glamorous job, but the benefits are amazing! I've been able to enjoy a pretty healthy work/life balance which is great when you have kids. I'm married to a wonderful man named Greg and I have two beautiful daughters ages 21 and 18 and a step son who is 16. Greg and I have been married for almost 7 years.

I noticed that you just started blogging this month! What made you decide to take the plunge? 
I felt that I needed a creative outlet. Besides my regular full-time job, I have had an on-line retail business since 2005 selling team colored camouflage to NFL and college football tailgaters. I was really like a middleman in this business. My only creative outlet was marketing. I am currently in the process of trying to sell that business. Blogging is my new creative outlet. I also recently became an empty-nester and wanted to find something for me. I've spent the last 21 years raising daughters and forgot what it is like to have my own hobby. I also want to continually inspire my girls by showing them that they can be or do anything they set their minds to.

You have a "12 in 12" section on your blog. What a fun idea! Are these things you've been wanting to do for awhile or new dreams? Have you worked on similar goal lists in other years? 
Yes, I have 12 goals in 2012. I tried to come up with twelve things I've always wanted to try. One of the first things on my list was to take a jewelry making class. I went out to Google and searched for classes in my area. I found a really amazing place in Columbus, Ohio called the Columbus Cultural Arts Center that offers classes from jewelry making to pottery to screen printing design. I am so excited about all the classes I will be taking there over the next few years. I hope it gives me lots of stuff to blog about!

A lot of bloggers I know (myself included!) are also on Etsy or somehow selling their crafty wares. Are you doing anything like this? 
I just recently opened up an Etsy shop where I have listings for hand-poured soy candles poured into recycled crocks and domino tile pendant necklaces made from old domino tiles. I'm still learning my way around Etsy and trying to figure out how to be "seen" in the large sea of sellers.

What have you learned so far in your time as a blogger? You've been here almost a month! 
I used to only read information on sites like Yahoo, CNN, MSN, etc. The problem with this is that you mainly get stories about celebrities and sports personalities. I wanted to read stories about real people – and this is what you get on a blog. You get to read about real people, people just like you who are just trying to figure it all out and maybe get a little (or a lot) of support along the way.

It all makes sense now. I always tear up when reading a heart wrenching story about someone in the newspaper. I love movies that are based on true stories and I especially love sports related movies that are based on true stories. A few of my favorites are Rudy, the Blind Side, Remember the Titans, We are Marshall, and the Rookie. I cried in every one of these movies – why, because I love when a hero emerges. Hero’s inspire us to be the best we can be, and we all need heroes in our lives. These movies also teach you how to overcome, even when the odds are stacked against you. I’m amazed at the enormous amount of creative women out there who are doing it all – working full time, raising children, writing, blogging, and photographing inspirational DIY projects. I’m so glad I stumbled across a few really creative blogs that inspired me to start my own!


  1. Thanks for the interview Jen, I really appreciate it!


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