Sunday, February 12, 2012

How to De-Clutter Your Blog Reader

I ran across an interesting idea that I'm going to try. Have you ever noticed the stars next to each post in Google Reader?

Yeah me neither. ;)

I read a tip recently that suggested that you should star any post that you find engaging / interesting. If your eyes glaze over and you skim through a post as quickly as possible, don't star that one.

Then after a week or two, go into "Trends" and compare starred items to frequently updated items. The theory is that if the most updated blogs are not the ones that you star the most, you should unsubscribe to them. Basically those are the blogs that are wasting your time and cluttering your in-box with things you didn't really want to read anyway.

I just started starring things today, so we'll see if that helps me narrow down which blogs are actually exciting my creativity and which blogs are merely cluttering the landscape. I've already been kind of trying to keep a mental tally of which blogs I tend to skim and which I actually enjoy and comment on, but this method makes it a lot more concrete!


  1. So glad I discovered your lovely blog after seeing that you and I shared different dreams over at Curls & Coffee! :) Hope you had a Wonderful Weekend!

    Liesl :)

  2. Thanks for tip, Jen! I wasn't aware that there were stats, that's so helpful. Going to play around with my reader now :)


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