Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tints and Shades

Remember my painting project? I finally finished it and turned it in last Wednesday! Our teacher kind of scolded us a little for not perfectly lining up the 1" cut-outs of each swatch when we pasted them all on the templates we were given. Oops! I should know better by now - it's a really big deal to create perfectly straight/squared-off things as a graphic designer.

Anyway, most of the colors turned out awesome. I could've used a little more blue in the blue-green, but by the time the paint dried and I realized it wasn't quite the color that I was expecting, my blue paint had run out. Oh well...

The purples were probably the hardest colors to get right, mainly due to their darkness. I kept imagining a nice, soft, spring-y color, but you'd have to add white to the paint to get that and we weren't allowed to use white for this assignment.

My NEXT assignment is to paint a value scale of the color yellow. Two tints and two shades. I guess I better get on that - it's due tomorrow! We don't have to have everything cut and pasted by then, just painted, so it shouldn't be too difficult. ;)

Do you know what a color tint and a color shade are? (Hint: they're not the same thing!)

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