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Interview with a Sponsor: Annie

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You have an interesting blog title - is it a nickname or how did you come up w/ that?
Well THANKS! My best friend in 4th grade came up with it. Until recently, she was the only person who called me Aunie. When I met my boyfriend, his family said they needed a nickname for me because Annelise was too long. They loved Aunie.

How long have you been blogging and how did you get more than 50 followers? Do you have any advice for growing your blog into an active community? 
I began blogging with my first blog LastLash in November of 2010. I began Aunie Sauce in November of 2011. I gained followers by swapping! Swaps are so wonderful to help promote your blog. Just get yourself out there and email away! (Make sure the people who you want to swap are blogs you actually read and enjoy reading... )

I noticed when clicking on your nav bar that you actually have several blogs! What made you decide to do that, as opposed to just having different categories on the same blog? Have you noticed that this helps bring you specific audiences to each blog that are specifically interested in that topic? 
Great question. If I could go back in time... I would DEFINITELY have chosen to only have 1 blog with lots of different categories. I've considered it, but all 4 of my blogs have very different audiences. LastLash is for people who like makeup/have trichotillomania. No Naked Nails is ONLY about nail stuff. Bye Bye Beehive is for people who are into hair. Aunie Sauce-- that one's all me. Aunie Sauce is the most recent and will eventually be a combo of all 4.

 I love your banner and all the little icons used around your site (blog button, nav bar, social media icons, etc) - did you design those? 
Thank you! My banner and social media icons were actually done by Leonora from Yellow Heart Art. I took her inspiration and created my nav bar. I did it all in Picnik! (RIP soon Picnik... we will miss you!)

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? 
I've always wanted to go to Australia and take a safari trip. It sounds incredible! Plus-- I love animals :)

What's one thing you wish you could do that isn't actually possible to do in this reality (ie: flying, seeing through walls, etc). 
Oh my goodness. Easiest question yet! I would fly, without a doubt. Peter Pan style-- minus the pixie dust. I have ALWAYS wanted to fly!

What does an average day look like for you? 
I'm a rather simple-scheduled person. I'll give you a weekday schedule, which is the same every day of the week.
7:30 am - Wake up
8:00 am - Leave for work
8:30 am - Begin work (I do philanthropy at a local hospital)
8:30 am - 5:00 pm - Work work work...
5:00 pm - Off work... REJOICE!... for 30 minutes or so until...
5:30 pm - Bootcamp or personal training at the gym (6 days/week)
6:30 pm - FINISHEDDDD... yes. Time to head home.
7:00 pm - Enjoy my evening with my boyfriend. We love going out to dinner, watching movies and TV shows like Castle or The River, and simply spending time with each other.
12:00 am - Beddy-night-land time :)


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