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Interview with a Sponsor: Jillian

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Your blog title is cute. How'd you come up with it?
I designed this blog to be about my style & from there, other aspirations, inspirations & day to day things. I really wanted a title that captured my spirit & when it comes to fashion, I'm always most confident & comfortable when I'm dressed a little femininely mixed with a boyish edge. If it's overtly one or the other, I don't feel in my element. That's how I came up with Boyish Chic!

I notice you're a graphic designer! I'm going to school for that myself. What are some things you wish you'd known before you started working in the business?
There's a ton of things I've learned along the way, but one would definitely be to buy a pantone color chart if you need an exact color! It will save you time, money & a LOT of frustration. Also, make sure you triple check proofs before approving anything for a printer. Again, that extra time you spend looking everything over will save you more time & money in the end.

You have your own business too: my Remedy! What exactly does that entail? Is that the only thing that keeps you busy or do you work outside the house as well?
Right now, I work full time on my Remedy & do freelance design on the side. I design eco-friendly printed apparel & make hand-crafted jewelry, which I then sell online & at events. That's the basis of what I do, but there's a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into having my own company like inventorying, buying supplies (beads, apparel, bags, tools...), researching, social networking, advertising, finding events to sell at, doing taxes, finding more ways to be eco-friendly... the list is endless! It's a lot of work, but I love it and, in the end, I'm doing it all to hopefully make a difference in somebody else's life by living in love.

You mention in your About Me that you have a heart for exploring and philanthropy. What are some examples of things you've explored/given to?
Ooohh, fun question! Haha. When it comes to exploring & philanthrophy, it really just comes as second nature to me. I'm constantly researching new inspiration online, sifting through blogs & pinterest. I love to travel & I'm always wanting to learn new things. In my daily life I'm always trying to find new ways to expand my mind. my Remedy is a huge quest of philanthropy for me because I'm really trying to create a positive community for myself & others. I also post often on the blog & twitter about ways for people to donate or get involved to help improve each other's lives like through Artists for Peace & Justice (who bring education to children in Haiti) & animal organizations. I don't think it's always just about giving money to organization: I think spreading the word is leading & just as important as actually donating something (instead you're just donating your time & voice!).

I really like your fashion style. What/who are some of your influences?
Ah, thank you! Like I mentioned before, I'm constantly finding inspiration through blogging. It's a great jumping off point to then go & put my own spin on certain trends. Some fashion muses (among many) I really admire are Alexa Chung, Rachel Bilson & Olivia Wilde. Nylon is also an awesome magazine of edgy style. I find it's important to constantly be inspired by new things, but in the end it's all about feeling comfortable, natural & confident in what I'm rocking.

What is your favorite quote?
Just one?! Haha. Man, that's impossible, but I'll try for just one. Right now I'm really inspired by: 
"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." 
- Oscar Wilde

What is one random thing you want my readers to know about you?
That I'm friendly & would love to meet YOU so please come stop by my blog & say hi!


  1. Thanks so much for interviewing me Jennifer! Hope to 'meet' some of your readers!!
    xx. Jillian


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