Thursday, June 2, 2011

Constant monitoring and updating

Maintenance. It's an area that I'm horribly bad at. This is something I've been realizing about myself lately.

Getting the oil checked in my car. Getting my hair cut. Painting my nails. Doing the dishes. All of these things are the sort of things I tend to put off until the last possible moment. Anything that needs constant monitoring and updating will probably not get enough attention from me.

Give me a new project and I can use the momentum and excitement to work through it. Ask me to keep a plant alive and I guarantee you I will forget to water it.

I have no idea if this is a personal flaw that I can work on or if this is just the way I am destined to be. Are some people naturally better at maintaining things than others? This whole situation is just further evidence to me of the fact that I tend to live with my head in the clouds most days. As do most INFPs.

The thing is, I think, that there just seems to be so many more important things to spend my brain-power on than keeping my house cleaned or my cuticles... cuticled. (What is it called when you keep your cuticles looking nice?). Does maintenance matter? Maybe. Probably. I should definitly work on that. Or maybe it's just fine that that's not the way I am. What do you think?

I've actually been doing pretty good lately on eating well and exercising regularly. It's just all those little things that I keep slacking on: laundry, dishes, making sure my plants get watered. It's like, I don't even noticed these things need doing until the need is dire. "We're out of cups! Oh no!!" or "My plant is dying... I wonder why that is?" Sigh... I need a maid/butler/cook.

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