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Embrace Being Alone

It's a very interesting dilemma sometimes, being an introverted single person. I love being alone in my thoughts, alone with a book, alone in a movie theatre, or alone in a crowd. Other times though, it's frustrating to be alone.... alone at a wedding, alone when others are holding hands and happy, alone as I grow older and my dreams of having children slip further and further away.

Alone doesn't have to mean lonely, but sometimes it turns into that. Other times alone is refreshing and rejuvenating. I think the difference is all in perspective. Keeping my eyes on God and on the creative journey that He's put me on does a lot for a healthy outlook on life, regardless of if I'm physically alone.

My life currently is filled with a roommate and a cat instead of a husband and kids, but that's okay. That's just my life. Someday maybe that'll change, but for now, I'm learning to embrace being alone without a family to call my own. And I'm learning that as an introvert, I literally need alone time to recharge. I'm also learning that, relationship-wise, being alone right now just means that I'm not making mistakes that will take years to remedy.

I ran across this video again that I saw awhile back, that really speaks a lot to embracing YOU, despite being alone. It's a beautiful message and mesmerizes me every time I see it.


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