Friday, June 10, 2011

Buying a Sewing Machine

So I'm thinking about getting a sewing machine today. I'm not quite ready to pull the trigger, but I'm seriously shopping, let's put it that way.

Who knew there were so many different things to consider!? Heavy-duty vs. standard. Do I want one way to make buttonholes or thirteen? How many extra feet do I want? How many positions do I want my needle to be able to go into? Am I buying a contortionist or a sewing machine?

Online stores have bombarded me with entirely too TOO MUCH information. They're no help at all. Seriously, people, who needs fifty slightly different types of sewing machines to choose from? I think I may just have to go down to JoAnn's and see what's on sale. Is that a dumb way to pick one?

How did you pick your sewing machine? Did you buy one yourself or was it handed down to you?

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