Monday, June 20, 2011

"Big Picture People"

I learned something new about my dad last night - he and I both are "big picture people" (as opposed to: detail-oriented people). I've faked my way through enough detail-oriented jobs over the years that it's just occurring to me recently that that's not really my strong suit! My sisters and Mom all seem to be detail-oriented, and I've just naturally kept trying to be like them. And while I admire that quality in them, for sure, I'm really realizing just how much details do NOT come naturally to me!

Last night, as we were all gathered for a Father's Day BBQ and Settlers game, I was listening to my sister and mom chittering away about details in their Etsy shops. I turned to my dad and said, "Wow... that's a lot of details to keep track of!" He nodded in agreement, and we soon discovered that that's something we have in common - our non-detailed-ness. Fascinating!

It's pretty cool to see yourself as a reflection from somebody else. Sometimes it's easy to feel like I'm my own unique island, utterly strange and different from everyone else. In moments like these, I am reminded that I am indeed made from my parents and really am a part of each of them in interesting ways. I'd never really pondered before what ways I was like my dad, so I'm glad to discover this.

It explains so much too - we're both bad with directions, we both tend to like games like chess, we both like learning about things and events and how they fit in with the rest of everything else. I love my dad so much and I'm glad that I inherited this trait of his!

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