Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Okay to Cry

I'm not sure if this makes me weird, but I kind of like sad movies. It sort of feels like the one time when it's okay to cry and no one will think you're weird. Does that make any sense?

Do you have a movie that makes you cry? For me, one movie than never fails to make me cry is Stepmom. I bawl like a baby from about the middle of the movie on. Just the thought of someone losing their mom, especially if they were as young as the kids in this movie, puts me in tears every time.

So, as I was watching this movie over the weekend, I was totally blubbering all the way through this scene. I couldn't even help it! It's the scene right after Susan Sarandon's character tells her kids that she's got cancer. Bawl fest!

What movies/scenes make you cry?

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