Friday, June 24, 2011

Real Food!

I've been trying really, really hard to eat better these days, mainly because I know it's important for my health and will make me feel better both now and in the long run. To accommodate this goal, I've been leaning into a vegan diet. While I don't always make it, on the days that I do, I really do feel great! There's just something about fresh produce that invigorates you. I always knew I felt bogged down and sluggish before, but never realized it was because of the food I ate.

I do also allow myself to "cheat" every now and then. I'm not on a diet, per say, I just want to learn how to eat REAL FOOD, and so, as with any change, there are bound to be times when I just really want what feels familiar. That's when I grab the Cheetos or the butter-flavored movie-theatre popcorn, have a taste, enjoy it, and then move on. Most days though, real food actually tastes better, satisfies my soul, and gives me so much energy that I forget that it came out of the ground instead of shrink wrap. ;)

Here are a few of the things I've been eating lately. Mmm mmm good!

Swiss Chard and Herbs over Rice - also Strawberries!

Red, Yellow, & Orange Bell Peppers

Red Bell Pepper

Beans, Tomatoes, and Spinach Burrito

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