Friday, June 3, 2011

Next step... buy a sewing machine.

I'm pretty sure some of you have seen these fabrics, since I posted them on my personal Facebook page a few months ago. For the rest of you, my goal here is to make bags, purses, etc. I bought the fabrics on sale at Jo-Anns and haven't been able to come up with the money to buy a sewing machine yet! (Minor detail).

Part of me wants to just hand-sew these things and call it good, but then the logical side of my brain chimes in with, "Are you nuts??" I should probably listen to that side, but sewing machines are EXPENSIVE!! Okay, like $100 or so, but still... I don't often have an unspoken-for $100 lying around, do you?

I do love these prints though. Aren't they great? I took pictures of them to inspire myself and also to attempt to raise money on one of those sites like kickstarter. Have you heard of that? Like, people post their project ideas on there and then other people give them money to do it. Sounds easy enough. The projects on the front page had already made tens of thousands of dollars! Not me, though. I made zilch. Oh well... at least I have pretty pictures to show for it.

Photo by: Mahandbags (Etsy shop)This is sort of the style I'm hoping to create, only two tone. But I love the hobo bag look and also over-the-body straps, so I'll probably incorporate something like that into it, for an oversized, chic look. Next step... buy a sewing machine.

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