Wednesday, July 25, 2012

29 Ways To Stay Creative

I've seen this creativity list before in list form, but today I ran across it in video form and felt so inspired by it! There's definitely something to be said for merging design and music.

The tip to take breaks really stood out to me this time. I've worked in the corporate world for so long that I automatically feel guilty if I'm not working, working, working my little fingers to the bone. Unlike data entry or filing, creativity doesn't really thrive when you do that. Lol.

Some other great tips from the list...

Drink coffee.
Quit beating yourself up.
Sing in the shower.

I sometimes forget that creativity is sort of a state of mind. You have to let yourself get into that dreamy headspace, where anything is possible, and unicorns prance around. Creativity isn't always something you can just beat yourself over the head to accomplish. It has to swell up and overflow from your very center. Getting yourself into that creative headspace is half the battle! The rest just sort of happens naturally.

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