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(a very massive) Link Dump #4

Wow I have seriously let my bookmarking get out of control! I haven't wanted to overwhelm you with too many articles at once so I have only been posting 5 or 6 at a time. Now that's backfiring on me b/c I've got over 20 links that I keep meaning to share with you all! Let's see if I can at least organize them for you. I promise they're all really cool. ;)

A fun way to create really complicated-looking lettering.
A detailed how-to on creating a font from scratch.

I want this girl's creative desk space so bad!
This video of traffic in Hanoi, Vietnam is such a beautiful ballet of movement.
Sometimes a "bad" day just needs the right perspective to turn it around.
I am in love with these flower illustrations!!

Stuck on blog topics? 10 writing prompts to try!
What goes in your sidebar?
Need help setting up Passionfruit Ads on your site? Here are some really good tutorials!
Check out all these pre-made color palettes! Perfect for making a new blog design.

5 Tips for Keeping Red Hair Bright

Interview advice {or} How to get hired!
6 ways to take advantage of the SLOW season on Etsy.

Jewelry making 101.
Making a paper rose out of hearts!
How to make a diagonally striped card from scratch.
Love this vintage postcard travel journal!
Make your own stamp from a photograph.

How to crochet a Picot Stitch.
Need to hire an online crochet tutor?

Story of how a published writer ended up self-publishing through Amazon!
5 simple things you can do to clear your mind.

Some great tips on photographing children.

Recipe: Baked Chicken Taquitos
Make your own Homemade French Fries!


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