Thursday, July 5, 2012

Do you have a photography question? I'm taking requests!

Due to my having a national holiday to pay attention to yesterday... this week's topic (taking better blog photos) is getting postponed to next week so that I'll have time to create a proper how-to for you!

Please leave your top 1-3 photography questions or concerns in the comments section below. This is a big topic, so it'll help me a lot if I know what you guys want to focus on (no pun intended)!

Also I am updating the list of topics and extending the series timing slightly to account for taking a break this week and on the week of Labor Day. I'm busy both of these weeks and I'm sure you are too!

I added a topic in week 4 about HTML coding, which I always seem to get questions about, so thought that'd make a great topic, and also a topic in week 10 about Google-ify-ing your posts. I smashed together a few of the other weeks' topics that were similar, so you won't miss out on anything, and the series will still be just 12 weeks, as promised!

Grab a button and spread the word!

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