Saturday, July 28, 2012

What I've Read #3

I have a huge stack of books sitting on my TV all summer that I've been meaning to read... and of course, I haven't had time to read any of them.

I've been feeling this drive while I'm out of school for the summer to get my Etsy shops rolling. The goal being to have them making somewhat of an income while I'm busy in school this fall. It's amazing how much time organizing, designing, creating, and marketing take up!

Anyway... I actually have finished one book recently: Insurgent, by Veronica Roth, which is the second book in a dystopian trilogy set in a future Chicago.

It was actually an interesting story, but for some reason I had trouble picking it up to finish it. The first in the series, Divergent, held my interest much better, though I am still looking forward to the sequel, which I believe comes out in about a year.

Essentially the premise behind this trilogy is that there are 5 factions of people in this country (all living within the former metropolis region of Chicago), each faction grouped together based on their personality and belief system. When each person becomes a teenager, they are tested to determine which faction they best fit in, and if their test shows that they would be suited for another faction, they can choose to move there. The main character of the story, Beatrice, is part of a minority of citizens called Divergent, whose test results display that they have the aptitude for two or more factions (most person's test results display an aptitude for only one faction). Beatrice, in fact, has aptitude for three factions, which makes her very dangerous to the country's leaders, and... you'll have to read this series to find out why! ;)


  1. I love this book! I've yet to finish it because I don't want to finish it and then wait another year to read the next. haha

  2. I just finished this book too.... and I agree I was not nearly as captivated as I was with Divergent. Still a good read though! ~Stephanie

  3. I'll have to add that to my reading list! I'm always glad to hear about a good book!

  4. I've heard those two books are great... I haven't gotten around to reading them yet though.


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